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Book Name:The Player's Handbook
Authors: Wizards RPG TeamWizards RPG Team
Total Pages: 320320
Publication Date: August 19, 2014August 19, 2014
Language: English
Size: 118MB
Format: PDF
Download Link:Available ✅

The Players handbook PDF is one of the must-have books for every player and Dungeon Masters to run a campaign, and We are going to share a PDF of The Player’s Handbook.

This is a book of rules for all fantasy game lovers.

This book also covered the Races, Spells, Classes, Backgrounds, and many other interesting points.

It provides a character sheet and you easily make attacks.

It is one of the most like dragons books pdf and you should keep in mind that Player Handbook 5e does not contain the complete set of rules for your game but its pdf does only include the most important rules that you need while playing the game.

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