Spell: Zephyr Strike (5e) Spell Guide for DND

Zephyr strike is a 1st-level Transmutation Spell, it works on ranger class. The casting time of this spell is 1 bonus action and range are self.

Its required only vocal components and the duration of zephyr strike is up to 1 minute.

Zephyr Strike 5e

1st-level transmutation
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Components: V
Spell List: Ranger
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You move like the wind. Until the spell ends, your movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.

Once before the spell ends, you can give yourself advantage on one weapon attack roll on your turn. That attack deals an extra 1d8 force damage on a hit.

Whether you hit or miss, your walking speed increases by 30 feet until the end of that turn.