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Deva is a celestial being in D&D 5th edition, a fantasy role-playing game. They are usually depicted as powerful, good-aligned creatures inhabiting the Upper Planes. The devas possess a humanoid form and a variety of abilities, including immortality and the ability to channel divine energy. The angels are often depicted as protectors or guardians of mortals. Demons are usually powerful spellcasters and have strong defensive skills. As allies or NPCs, they are commonly used in D&D games.

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Vayu: A powerful deva warrior known for his agility and speed.

Agni: A fire-wielding deva priest who protects his allies and smite his enemies.

Surya: A deva paladin who channels the power of the sun to heal and inspire those around him.

Varuna: A deva druid who controls the power of water to protect nature and control the battlefield.

Yama: A deva rogue who outsmarts and outmaneuvers his enemies with his cunning and stealth.